Announcing your engagement is the first step on your journey towards "I do" and you want to do it right.

Put together a list of your nearest and dearest and leave the rest to us. No matter what your couple style, we strive to make your engagement a beautiful affair.

"Having waited a couple extra years to have the perfect wedding for us, it needed to be memorable and magical. A mix of tradition and a time to appreciate love, friends and family. Ashley was the key to making these factors come together. She is an inspirational, understanding and focused professional who not only listens to your needs- she produces amazing results. Travelling out of town to make our wedding special and being the support system and " life saver " when the wedding party started getting a little rowdy in a high end establishment. She was there from day 1 of planning to helping me out of my dress and into bed when it was all over. Having her bring her light on my wedding day was the key to our wedding still being the "talk of the town." A professional wedding planner but will be your friend throughout and in the end." L & J


Please fill out the form on our contact page if you have any questions or email us directly at info@ashleyvictoriaproductions.com

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