5 Beauty Blunders to avoid two weeks before your wedding

Updated: May 5, 2020

As a soon to be bride, you have this vision in your head as to what you should look like on your wedding day. Perfect hair, glowing skin, toned body, white teeth…and this is all possible so don’t panic! However, there are a few major beauty mistakes that every bride should avoid the week of her wedding!


With every new cut, your hair changes its texture and styling techniques. What some of our lovely brides don’t consider is how the cut will or won’t look with her wedding dress neckline or accessories. For the most part, hair consultations start about 3 months before the big day, keep your style throughout it but maybe get a tiny trim to freshen up your ends. The same goes for a new color, once it oxidizes you may not like the way it looks with your dress or skin tone. The best colorists need a week to make changes to your hair and waiting until the last minute could be terrible for you and your hair.To freshen it up, get a gloss or shine on your strands.

  1. Faux Tans

It sounds like a great idea, until the color you get sprayed on doesn’t match your

Anne's gone orange!
  1. New Skin Care Products

Skin care
  1. Caffeine/Alcohol Increase

Yes you need to be the energizer bunny and keep going and going so caffeine, whether it be coffee or energy drinks are a temporary fix. High stress levels are already a given with just a few weeks away, you don’t want to pu

  1. Changing your makeup


Avoid these classic beauty blunders 2 weeks before you’re wedding and remember that vision you have of yourself in utter perfection…? Yeah…we see it too!

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