COVID-19: Don't make these wedding planning mistakes!

Wedding planning and making hard decisions during regular circumstances isn't easy. Add a global pandemic into the mix and you're really going to spice things up...too much! With all the stress, it's far too easy to miss a step so here are some mistakes you don't want to make:

1) Waiting too long to postpone

We know thus far in Ontario large gatherings are shot until the end of June at the very least. That being said, July isn't exactly a guarantee to be able to have a large wedding and August too, is up in the air. Bottom line is there are too many variables and if you wait too long to decide to reschedule, you risk not getting a date for next year with your venue. They will still be booking with couples who get engaged in 2020 as will other wedding vendors plus dates will fill up with couples who had to postpone their 2020 wedding to 2021. Bottom line? 2021 is going to be a crazy year for the wedding industry if things worldwide go back to "normal"- So don't wait!

2) Resist the urge to do this on your own

You are managing so much already: loss of income or working from home, working from home plus home schooling your kids, looking after aging parents or grandparents, concerns about financial stability and staying on top of monthly bills. These are your every day realities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; lean on and trust your planning team. Leave the fine tuning new contracts, chasing after vendors, researching new ones and overall re-planning circus act to them. They are there to support you, let them.

3) Don't neglect self-care and mental health

Now is not the time to skip out on taking care of yourself. Being distanced from family and friends, ones you care about is not easy on the mind or heart. Schedule regular phone or video conference dates with your people. Take a break from your phone, the kids, your laptop, resist the urge to read or watch every single news update for the province and country. Find something for you that is meaningful and contributes to your wellness. Yoga, a good book, adult coloring, calling your long as it fuels your joy.

4) Try to be realistic

The reality is, we don't know anything concrete, what we do know is that we can plan to the most minute degree and it can all be blown up by things far beyond our control. Stay focused on the fact that the most important thing is that you DO get married. It might look differently than you imagined or planned but marrying the person you love most in this world doesn't depend on 300 guests, a 5 course meal or a $4500 floral bill.

When in doubt, you can always book a consultation with a planner who can help steer you in the right direction and simplify things for you. Don't be afraid to reach out, we are always more than happy to help where we can!

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