Postponing your wedding: Why you need help!

I think we can all agree that weddings today have so many moving parts and takes a ton of patience to organize. With so many couples opting to postpone their weddings because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the planning they though they had completed- needs to be replanned.

This is the perfect cocktail for stressful meltdowns. It's bad enough you have to put off one of the biggest days of your life, but now you have to go through this process of rescheduling everything. What does this entail exactly? Well for starters, you must contact your venue as soon as you decide to postpone and have at least 2 alternate dates in mind to give them right then and there.

It's customary for couples to book venues a year in advance so you need to ensure the new date (if it's going to be 2021) is available. Then you will need to discuss with them what happens to your deposit. The good news is, everyone is in the same boat and doesn't want to lose money. Once you have secured a potential date, you have to scramble to contact all of your wedding vendors and find out if they too, are available for the potential new date and what happens with your initial deposit you put down on their services.

I can promise you will feel all.the.emotions. and then some. Not everything is going to go smoothly, so don't go into this thinking it will be a perfect transition. Some vendors will be available, some won't; some vendors will transfer your initial deposit to the new date, some will ask for another deposit. There is no right or wrong here since this is un-chartered waters for everyone. Not everyone will do things the same way since everyone's business is run differently, based on different factors.

We have created 2 planning packages for couples who have concluded they will need to postpone. One package is designed for couples who haven't hired a wedding planner and could use assistance in rescheduling their wedding, plus the added benefits of the Day of Coordination package. The second package are for couples who just want specific help navigating the rescheduling of their wedding and vendors. We created these packages to ease the stress couples are facing with having to do all of this extra work. We recognize that some may be laid off, lost their jobs, trying to work from home, potentially home-schooling their kids, worrying about their loved ones getting sick with the COVID-19 virus.

Our top priority is to ensure that couples get through difficult time in one piece with as little anxiety as possible. There is no guarantee of anything in life, the most important thing we want couples to know is that your wedding will happen. It might not be exactly the day you envisioned but as long as you marry the love of your life and your family and friends are safe and healthy- that's all that matters.

For information on the COVID-19 planning packages click here.

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