Searching for your venue

Unless you already have a place in mind, researching wedding venues can be a very daunting task for most newly engaged couples, especially if they don’t have a wedding planner. There are so many things to think about: location, size, convenience, parking, does it include things like catering, staffing and furniture…?

Don’t cross off restaurants either, especially if you are looking for a smaller more intimate setting. Most restaurants these days are prepared with set menu’s, wine lists and staffing to hold the ceremony, dinner and reception. This may be a more cost effective area to consider since you wouldn’t have to worry about having separate venues for each part of your day, which is altogether less stress!

Most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed, just keep in mind that when you start looking for a venue that you ask for the cost breakdown, what it includes and to be prepared to have a deposit ready. Most venues book close to a year in advance and require a percentage of the deposit to hold the date. Be sure to have fun and stick to your budget!

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