Spring bride cleaning guide

Updated: May 1, 2020

Spring brides are eagerly anticipating their big day and since most of the important items in their wedding checklist are completed why not indulge in some Spring cleaning? Here is a list of 45 things that you can throw out now, so you can make room for the upcoming new with your soon to be spouse!

  1. Old holiday décor

  2. Stretched out hair ties

  3. Out of date makeup

  4. Old makeup brushes

  5. Out of date magazines

  6. Unmatched earrings

  7. Unmatched socks

  8. Socks with holes in them

  9. Scratch or busted sunglasses

  10. Old receipts you don’t need for tax season

  11. Skincare older than 6 months

  12. Expired hair products

  13. Scarves that you never wear

  14. Old phones

  15. Beat up books

  16. Old T-Shirts

  17. Dried up nail polishes

  18. Expired medications/vitamins

  19. Worn out bras

  20. Beatup running shoes

  21. Expired coupons and food flyers

  22. Old electronics

  23. DVD’s you don’t watch

  24. Belts you don’t wear

  25. Empty/almost empty products of any sort

  26. Tarnished/Jewelry with missing gems

  27. Old mail

  28. Expired gift cards

  29. Old paperwork

  30. Worn out/unused purses

  31. Ratty bedsheets

  32. Old pillows

  33. Old/broken electronics

  34. Delete and unsubscribe to ecommerce sites you never shop at

  35. Product samples that are ancient

  36. Delete junk mail

  37. Delete old music and playlists

  38. Clean out old pics and screenshots from your phone

  39. Delete old apps you don’t use

  40. Delete old texts and contacts- do it.

  41. Old school books

  42. Stained and frayed washcloths

  43. Store rewards you never use

  44. Boxes/shoe boxes

  45. Empty jars/storage containers

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