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My parents always taught me that I could be anything that I tried to be...


So after careful consideration I decided NOT to become a cook. 

Don't ever ask me to cook, I hate it...but if you need someone to pull 250 hours out of life to throw the wedding of a lifetime, I'm your girl.

I specialize in weaving dreams for busy, diverse couples who crave a wedding as unique as their love story. My approach is simple - I listen, I understand and I create.

I believe every couple has a distinct narrative waiting to be told, and if you're unsure of yours that's okay. I am here to guide you through this exciting journey. We will delve into the depths of your vision with an array of detailed questions, leading you to discover the essence of your love story.

It's the little, unique, personalized details that set AVPEvents apart, I'm not just a planner, I'm your timeless love story architect.

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