My parents always taught me that I could be anything that I tried to be so after careful consideration I decided NOT to become a cook. Don't ever ask me to cook! But if you need someone to pull 250 hours out of life to throw the wedding of a time, I'm your girl. I'm also the same chick who will always be real vs surface I can't do meaningless pleasantries folks, it's just not who I am.  Weddings are so emotional which is why you need me to be the logic while delicately balancing your emotions. Planning your wedding doesn't have to be stressful and overwhelming when you have a planner you can genuinely lean on for support and be reassured will handle the heavy lifting. 

At AVPEvents, we specialize in Partial Planning and Month/Day of Coordination for busy, diverse couples who want a wedding that reflects who they are at their core and that is timeless. As a Toronto wedding planner, our job first and foremost, is to listen to my clients and understand their vision. If they don’t have one, we help them create one by asking very detailed questions and then presenting options. Either way, no matter the style or size, our couples enjoy not just the peace of mind knowing they have someone who has their back, but they also get to relish in every moment of the beautiful journey they’ve started on. It’s not just a wedding, it’s the start of the rest of your lives, it should be stress-free, fun and a lasting memory.

141 Lyon Crt

Toronto, ON M6B 3H2

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