Imagine this: you've just said "yes" you've posted the proposal  on your Insta, Insta-stories and Facebook to make it official. You've choreographed a super cute dance on Tik Toc, the sweet and excited comments start to roll in, loads of "congrats!!" slide into you DM''re in engagement bliss.  The only problem is, where are you going to pull the 250+ hours out of your already packed daily schedule to plan a wedding, while you work full time, with a side hustle AND not sacrifice your precious long weekend getaways to relax? This should be the most exciting time in your life and you want the experience to be beautiful! Then a wave of anxiety washes over you and you say "Nope", call the girls, break out the wine and before you know it you've watched 6 straight episodes of 90 Day Fiance, tastefully tipsy. I get it, you're not alone (I too love wine and binge watching things). Here's the thing, planning a wedding doesn't have to be overwhelming.

At AVPEvents, we specialize in Partial Planning and Month/Day of Coordination for busy, diverse couples who want a wedding that reflects who they are at their core and that is timeless. As a Toronto wedding planner, our job first and foremost, is to listen to my clients and understand their vision. If they don’t have one, we help them create one by asking very detailed questions and then presenting options. Either way, no matter the style or size, our couples enjoy not just the peace of mind knowing they have someone who has their back, but they also get to relish in every moment of the beautiful journey they’ve started on. It’s not just a wedding, it’s the start of the rest of your lives, it should be stress-free, fun and a lasting memory.


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